Company History

ABSA Construction Company (ABSACC) was established in 1988 and officially registered in the Industrial Patent Office (Registration No. 71444). ABSACC consists of experienced engineers in the field of design and construction of heavy industrial concrete and steel structures including bridges, buildings, underground infrastructures and tunnels.

A considerable number of projects have been completed successfully and many projects are currently being undertaken. It is worthy to note that ABSACC projects have contributed significantly to the development of the country.

ABSACC is in close and constant contact with educational and research institutes and also benefits from the latest scientific and technical innovations.

ABSACC main office is equipped with a rich archive of technical books and software, computers and facilities to provide instant access to the latest technical information.

Through its vast experience and extensive network, its qualified personnel and the available equipment and machinery ABSACC is able to perform high quality work and economically efficient services to complete projects within a reasonable period of time.